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6 Reasons People Can't Stop Talking about Chaval Heated Gloves & Mitts

In 2012, Chaval Outdoor was launched to introduce gloves with the first version of their revolutionary new patented heat tech ALPHAHEAT. Over the next seven years, thousands of customers have had the “wow” experience of wearing Chaval gloves and are spreading the news.

Why is everyone raving about Chaval gloves?

supernova heated gloves and mitts
AlphaHeat Technology

It's all about performance

They are the only heated gloves and mitts effective in sub-zero F temperatures. And they run up to 3 times longer than any other brand. Chaval heat tech is radically different, expensive and produced in the USA. All other heated gloves use cheap resistive wire-based heat tech, produced overseas.

Chaval activeDRY glove rejuvenation is charging and drying combined

Their heat tech dominates with a whole lot of “ONLY”

The ONLY heat tech...

  • with no internal wires
  • with self-regulating heat levels
  • effective in sub-zero F conditions
  • rechargeable without extracting batteries
  • with a self-drying charging system

All other brands don’t have any of these features. Not Hestra, OR, Black Diamond, Seirus...

Chaval supernova heated mitt

They give you much more for your money

Chaval ALPHAHEAT tech is 3X more expensive than technologies used by other brands. But by cutting out the middle-man they are able to keep retail prices down and offer you the most advanced heat tech at prices equivalent to other big brand heated gloves.

Chaval supernova heated gloves in action on a -9ºF (-23ºC) cold winter day

They make the snow season sooo much more enjoyable

What happens when you get cold hands? Cold = pain + frustration. It’s not just the pain, it also rapidly saps your energy and affects your mood, which shortens your time enjoying the outdoors. Warmth = comfort + happiness.
Press Logos

They impress the real experts

Chaval gloves and mitts have been featured in Outside Magazine, The Verge, Men’s Journal, Maxim, NY Times, and many others. They are the only heated gloves reviewed by professional reviewers, not imitators being paid to funnel customers to Amazon through fake product review websites. Result? Performance that surprises seasoned heated glove users.

Press Logos

They just look great

With Chaval gloves, the "wow" experience isn’t all about the remarkable heat tech. Every glove and mitt is hand-crafted with the finest materials and designed to maximize hand and finger dexterity.

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